Your Life Purpose and Energy Healing

There is a lot being written in the spiritual community about finding your life's purpose.  This is sometimes framed as living your soul's purpose.

How do we know what that is?  Paraphrasing Garth Stein, it's something that you can touch, and when touched, it is different for you than when others touch it.  It is to have an affinity for something that becomes transcendent in your hands.  Looking for that purpose is a search for a connection, a search for magic, the search for the inexplicable.  To be in the complete feeling of it.  Because in that recognition of the sublime, we see for a moment the entire Universe connected with us.

Energy healing can be a tremendous help in this pursuit.  Energy healing does this by clearing away deeply held fears, blocks and doubts that may hold you back.  Clearing away the layers of limitation or the viewpoints that have us reluctant to make this leap forward.  Energy healing can allow you to access your power and freedom to take this journey to your highest life purpose.

Ken Mason