Why seek energy healing?

People who come seeking energy healing are interested in a healthy lifestyle and in holistic care.  They have often tried conventional therapies without being able to achieve the shifts they want.  My clients come from every demographic and walk of life.  They are best described by the type of goals they have.  I see clients seeking immediate help for issues like stress relief, relaxation, detoxification, circulation and release of emotional tensions.  I also have many clients who are seeking deep shifts in their life.  They want to move the patterns that block their enjoyment of life.  I work with these clients at deep levels over a number of sessions to release and transform beliefs and defenses that are preventing them from living their lives fully.

For clients to be able to move beyond what has them stuck or holding them back, transformation must come from the root cause of these patterns.  Many times the origin is found in our early years.  In the difficult times of our lives, parts of us developed judgments about how things are for us.  We then developed coping mechanisms and defenses around these.  While the defenses may have been of brief benefit long ago, these long forgotten, rigid defenses continue to generate unwanted experiences for us until accessed and cleared.

My energy healing practice utilizes my years of training and experience as a Certified Advanced Energy Healer from Inner Focus School.  This training allows me to connect clients with their own higher consciousness during sessions.  This allows enhanced insights and experiences in a session that go far beyond a client’s memory of their past.  It allows healing and transformation, layer by layer, of what stands between you and the highest experience of who you truly are.  Clients come in often frustrated by not having been able to resolve their issues.  It could be emotional distress, relationship problems, unresolved trauma, self sabotage, feeling stuck or even health concerns.  None are actually consciously choosing what’s going on.  The work I do is based on the truth we are empowered creative beings.  In any of these issues, there are parts of the client that are carrying a great energetic charge around the issue.  It is that charge that refers a signal to the quantum field of creation, maintaining what’s not working instead of the client’s conscious choice.  Releasing the old charge allows a new creative voice to be heard.