The benefits available from energy healing, as a transformational alternative, are deep and profound.  Energy healing can bring relaxation and relief from stress, detoxification and physical issues and discomfort.  It can bring restoration and balancing.  Energy healing can create major shifts in fundamental areas of your life, such as relationships, finding career fulfillment, experiencing abundance, expanding spiritual awareness, helping you get unstuck in your life and helping with physical issues.  This work accesses the highest aspects of your being to clear and releases burdens you may have been trying to overcome in many other ways.  The energy work of my practice is transformational and powerfully uplifting. It clears, layer by layer, what stands between you and the truth and the highest experience of who you truly are.

More Benefits of Energy Healing:



Clears and releases at the point of origin the blocked energy of trapped emotion seeking release, trauma or an unconscious belief system, no matter how long they have been in place.  Also clears and releases emotions and feelings of tension, stress, anxiety and provides detoxification.

Opens you to restore balance on emotional, mental, energetic and physical levels

Brings relief from the sense of burden your may have in your life

Release from unwanted repeating life patterns in relationships, work or other areas of your life



Your most deeply hidden nonfunctional belief systems are discovered and evolved

The parts of you that operate in opposition to your desires and choices are revealed and healed

Patterns of self sabotage and self criticism are brought to the light for transformation



By releasing what has held you back, you are more able to be in conscious transformation of your choices

Opens you to a new foundation of freedom

Know the real truth of your being and believe in yourself

Feel whole and balanced

Be able to know and access peace from within

Opens you to the capacity to be in conscious choice in your life

Help you live more consistently in your truth

Expands your ability to experience happiness and freedom

Helps you feel more at peace with what life brings

Be able to transform your experience of stressful events

Feel more deeply resourced

Be in the truth that you are the source of your own fulfillment




Shifts your awareness to create an inspired version of your life

Allows you to access your life's purpose

Expands your confidence and belief in yourself

Enlarges your awareness of your spiritual nature and qualities

Helps you to step into more clarity, balance and self-authority

Heal and release old traumas at every level



Gain insight to your inner wisdom and knowing

Become more aligned with your inner resources to thrive

Be aware of and expand your own light

Experience a deeper connection to your heart and spiritual nature



To come into a place of graceful self acceptance

To be able to open to forgiveness for all that was and is in your life

To hold self love and to come to realize that everything you seek is already whole and complete inside of you