"I have been very fortunate to receive energy healings from Ken over the past few years.  Truly an excavation of the soul, his practice is powerful, compassionate, has great depth and is in full integrity.  Every session is a reconnection to my truth and a clearing of what does not serve me.  Ken's work has positively affected my emotional, mental and spiritual framework forever, and I am grateful."


     "Simply put, Ken is amazing.  As a practitioner in the healing arts myself, I appreciate Ken's ability to immediately see to the core of an issue.  This allows him to hold a vision of total healing for you and to create a pathway for you to come to complete resolution, all of which support your continued spiritual unfoldment and transformation.  Through my sessions with Ken, I have accessed deep levels of self acceptance and acknowledgment of my own divinity.  He is the healer of healers.  He's the real deal.  Be ready for personal transformation and to expand into the realms of joy and fulfillment!"


     "Ken is a gifted energy healer who is able to get to the heart of the issues quickly.  He is compassionate, creative and supports his clients in their healing processes."


     "I have experienced numerous energetic healing sessions with Ken over the last several years.  In our work together, I have always obtained a deep understanding of the root cause of any emotional block or even physical ailment I might be struggling with.  The sessions are especially safe and beautiful as I am connected to Divine Love and Healing Presence at all times.  Ken possesses the keen ability to be a caring conduit of compassion, wisdom and insight in assisting me to align with my inner Wholeness and Truth.  I consider his heart-filled gifts to be a treasure in my life."



     "I started seeing Ken during a particularly bleak time in my life.  I was not at ease with my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  It was difficult for me to recognize the tremendous potential I carried within myself.  Ken helped me take the largest step forward in my own evolution.  He helped pull back the layers of my life and enabled me to release all the negative energy I no longer needed.   Ken was patient, empowering and always there with me during the darkest moments of my (journey).  My current life would be completely unrecognizable to the woman who walked into Ken's office for the first time.  Ken helped me clear the pathways to the connection to my higher self and in doing so, helped me recognize the unconditional love and potential within me that has been there, waiting for me all along."


     "You have so much clarity and insight."


      "Ken has been a catalyst for me to begin an extraordinary path of inner knowing and self-growth.  He is a kind and compassionate man with the highest of integrity and an intense determination to work with you for your highest good.  Ken's work has inspired me to step into another dimension of energy and transformation for healing.  This experience has been a key building block in my spiritual foundation."



      "When I think of my meetings with Ken, I describe myself as 'lucky I found him'.  The gentle self realizations and transformations that Ken has guided me through has helped me realize the path to make my life happier, better and easier every day.  With Ken's knowledge and experience, it is so much more than just therapy and/or medicine can offer.  There is no magic--he handed me the tools to change my life and I just have to use them.  I'm so thankful for meeting this wonderful person who is helping others.