My work is dedicated to helping my clients be able to shift and experience improvement with their most pressing issues.  My practice addresses the needs of those who are seeking help with their relationships, finding career fulfillment, experiencing abundance, expanding their spiritual awareness, easing their physical issues and feeling stuck in their lives. Working with these issues, it opens clients up to engage in profound questions along the way.  Do you seek to find a deeper sense of peace in your life?  Are you trying to find a sense of wholeness?  

     We all want to be in a state of conscious creation of our lives.  We desire to be happy and fulfilled and have a sense of harmony  in our life and with those in it.  Many who strive to do this encounter persistent difficulties.  So often we find obstacles that seem so resistant to our growth, peace and reaching our greatest potential.

     How we feel, what shows up in our lives and our sense of well being is determined by the most deeply held beliefs and emotions we have experienced.  These are often below the level of our daily conscious awareness.  They shape every aspect of life, even when we are choosing something very different.

     To truly improve those issues that hold so much our attention and to change our life into the one we desire it is necessary to transform our consciousness.  This must be done at the source of where our energies have us blocked.  My energy work does just that.

     Welcome to Conscious Transformation.


 Ken Mason, CAEH

5225 Old Orchard Rd., #3

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