Thank you for your support!

I'm pleased to have received recognition as a Thumbtack’s Best of 2015 in the Reiki category as a result of great customer reviews.   I do energy work because it's my passion.  It makes me happy.  And It's a pleasure and gratifying to see the great results that clients receive.  When those results come back in the form of such supportive reviews, I have to express my appreciation and gratitude.  Thanks to all my clients who have allowed me the privilege of being of service to you. 

Ken Mason

Why seek energy healing?

People who come seeking energy healing are interested in a healthy lifestyle and in holistic care.  They have often tried conventional therapies without being able to achieve the shifts they want.  My clients come from every demographic and walk of life.  They are best described by the type of goals they have.  I see clients seeking immediate help for issues like stress relief, relaxation, detoxification, circulation and release of emotional tensions.  I also have many clients who are seeking deep shifts in their life.  They want to move the patterns that block their enjoyment of life.  I work with these clients at deep levels over a number of sessions to release and transform beliefs and defenses that are preventing them from living their lives fully.

For clients to be able to move beyond what has them stuck or holding them back, transformation must come from the root cause of these patterns.  Many times the origin is found in our early years.  In the difficult times of our lives, parts of us developed judgments about how things are for us.  We then developed coping mechanisms and defenses around these.  While the defenses may have been of brief benefit long ago, these long forgotten, rigid defenses continue to generate unwanted experiences for us until accessed and cleared.

My energy healing practice utilizes my years of training and experience as a Certified Advanced Energy Healer from Inner Focus School.  This training allows me to connect clients with their own higher consciousness during sessions.  This allows enhanced insights and experiences in a session that go far beyond a client’s memory of their past.  It allows healing and transformation, layer by layer, of what stands between you and the highest experience of who you truly are.  Clients come in often frustrated by not having been able to resolve their issues.  It could be emotional distress, relationship problems, unresolved trauma, self sabotage, feeling stuck or even health concerns.  None are actually consciously choosing what’s going on.  The work I do is based on the truth we are empowered creative beings.  In any of these issues, there are parts of the client that are carrying a great energetic charge around the issue.  It is that charge that refers a signal to the quantum field of creation, maintaining what’s not working instead of the client’s conscious choice.  Releasing the old charge allows a new creative voice to be heard.

Your Life Purpose and Energy Healing

There is a lot being written in the spiritual community about finding your life's purpose.  This is sometimes framed as living your soul's purpose.

How do we know what that is?  Paraphrasing Garth Stein, it's something that you can touch, and when touched, it is different for you than when others touch it.  It is to have an affinity for something that becomes transcendent in your hands.  Looking for that purpose is a search for a connection, a search for magic, the search for the inexplicable.  To be in the complete feeling of it.  Because in that recognition of the sublime, we see for a moment the entire Universe connected with us.

Energy healing can be a tremendous help in this pursuit.  Energy healing does this by clearing away deeply held fears, blocks and doubts that may hold you back.  Clearing away the layers of limitation or the viewpoints that have us reluctant to make this leap forward.  Energy healing can allow you to access your power and freedom to take this journey to your highest life purpose.

Ken Mason

How energy healing works


"Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can't help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This isn't philosophy. This is physics." ~Albert Einstein

In my energy healing practice, I always explain how this work is so profoundly transformational and how it is grounded in a cause and effect that is scientific.  Anyone who has a familiarity with quantum physics knows that when atoms are divided and subdivided you reach a point where matter is at its smallest indivisible part.  What is fascinating is that last minute bit of energy can be in particle form, or it can be 'not there' and instead be pure energy.  What physicists know is that whether the subatomic particle exists as matter rather than as energy, known as wave form, depends upon whether it is observed.  How the particle behaves depends on the quality of the observation.


My work delves deeply into the question of, "Who in us is the observer?" We are beings made up of multiple components of consciousness or different parts.  This is a commonly understood idea.  We've all heard the term Inner Child, which is a prime example of a class of our ego's parts. We are creative beings.  What we feel, the life events about us, our health are a function of our deepest beliefs, judgments and emotions.  These are the coming from parts of us we often have lost touch with.  But these parts, many of which live perpetually in the most difficult moments we experienced in our personal history, have the greatest energetic charge that gets sent in to the quantum field.  This shapes our reality in a way that can be very different from what we think we are choosing.  To our ego, the depth of the feelings involved in our early years and the defenses and the coping mechanisms we formed then can hold a higher priority in the shaping of our current life than our present choices.


The energy healing of Conscious Transformation allows you to access these outdated judgments and transform them into new and beneficial points of view.  As the past is healed, well being in the present is experienced and new possibilities for the future unfold.

Ken Mason