Energy healing is a powerful and profound way to experience improvement and feel big gains around issues with relationships, career fulfillment, experiencing abundance, expanding spiritual awareness and easing physical issues.  Energy healing can deeply transform the hidden beliefs, judgments and feelings that limit you or have you feeling stuck in your life.  These hidden aspects all act as blocks that have lasting and limiting effects on your most important issues, happiness, fulfillment and sense of true empowerment.

     Do you want to be able to change your life?  Do you want to be able to move beyond all the things that hold you back in your relationships and limit your well being of mind, body and emotions?  To do this, healing and transformation must come from the root cause of these limiting patterns.  When releases and clearing occur from this core, the healing and expansion is profound and long lasting.  Energy healing is also very effective for addressing immediate needs and goals of stress relief, tension, detoxification and being balanced physically and energetically.

     Conscious Transformation energy healing utilizes my years of training and practice as a Certified Advanced Energy Healer from the Inner Focus School.  All of the many alternative healing modalities I use function to create a deep connection that aligns your heart and the highest aspects of your consciousness.  This connection allows an empowering Conscious Transformation of blocks, fears, hidden belief systems, buried outmoded defenses and coping mechanisms as well as unwanted repeating life patterns.

Chakra System

Chakra System

     My goal is to help you release and clear these patterns in unique and powerful ways.  These releases are long lasting because they are cleared from your energetic core where the concealed pattern or belief has exerted a strong influence for years or decades.  This allows you to move forward in great strides, using each clearing as a new foundation for ever greater levels of freedom, clarity, balance and the ability to be in authentic choice in your life.  I will assist you in restoring balance on emotional, energetic and physical levels.  Each clearing becomes part of a new foundation of ease, satisfaction and empowerment.